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Relder Parts

Relder Parts is specialist in used parts for Mazda, Nissan and Toyota, we have at least 50.000 parts in stock.
Besides the parts, we also have a continuously stock of damaged and disassembly cars.

All our parts have been disassembled from existing Mazda, Nissan or Toyota cars. These parts have been checked by our top-engineers. Relder Parts has the KZD***-certificate, which means that we work by the stringent requirements in the means of quality in the vehicle disassembly branche. This certificate has been formed in an alliance between several organisations and the disassembly companies.

If you cannot find your part in our online stock, it is possible that the part is still on one of our cars which has recently been added to our stock and haven't been disassembled yet. On all the parts we deliver, we give you a warranty of at least six months. Parts that has less then 50.000 kilometers mileage even have a warranty of 12 months.

Relder Parts is also specialised in trading of damaged cars. We are receiving new Dutch damaged cars on a daily base. It is possible to repair these cars and get it back on the road, we can help you with the repair. Check our stock of damaged cars in Ospel and in Someren. We are also capable of the delivery of imitation parts for a good price. We can also transport a car in The Netherlands, in consultation. We also have cheap cars for the road available at our company.

Besides parts and damaged cars, we are also specialised in environmentaly disassemble and finish discarded scrap cars. These scrap cars will be treated according to the guidelines of the ARN.

contact us?

Relder Parts can be reached via whatsapp +31(0)644640060 or by phone 0495 66 34 34. Or contact us via email We will then contact you as soon as possible.

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Saturday: 9am to 12am

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